Category: Changelog

November 24, 2015: Updates And Bug Fixes

The following updates have been added to all CampusPress networks:

  • The Recent Global Posts widget updated to only display “post” post type.
  • A new Blogger importer has been added to Tools > Importer to import blog content from Blogger platform.
  • Replaced ClustrMaps widget with a widget informing users their ClustrMap requires replacing.
  • Latest Reader changes applied: improved handling of pending posts and private comments.
  • Calendar Plus widget updated: widget will not redirect to Events page when the previous/next month is selected in the widget.
  • Removed Mediacore plugin (the service is closing down).
  • Added Simply Snow plugin for holiday cheer.

November 10, 2015: New Themes, Captcha Update, Calendar+ Update

The following updates have been added to all CampusPress networks:


  • The following themes have been added to CampusPress networks:
  1. Adler
  2. Billie
  3. Chicago
  4. Cruzy
  5. Dynamic News Lite
  6. Eemeli
  7. Geekery
  8. Houston
  9. Imaginy
  10. MH Newsdesk Lite
  11. MH Squared Lite
  12. Neblue
  13. Noteskine
  14. Oriental Writing
  15. Oriental
  16. Reddle
  17. Seasonal
  18. Tecblogger
  19. Zoomify
  • A typo has been corrected in the Privacy Settings.
  • Improved styling of Captcha for comments.
  • Updated Calendar+ plugin including minor bug fixes.

September 8, 2015: Plugin Updates

The following updates were made to all CampusPress networks today:

  • Formidable Pro plugin updated to latest version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Jetpack plugin updated to latest version, making the ‘markdown’ module available.
  • Forums plugin – removed breadcrumbs for better theme compatibility.
  • Calendar + plugin updated with greater theme compatibilities and improved widgets.
  • Parabola theme was updated to latest version which fixes a few small bugs.

June 16, 2015 – New Themes, Popular Post Widget, and More

The following updates have been added to all CampusPress networks:

  • Two new themes – Apostrophe and Canard. Super Admins must enable to make make available to all sites on the network.
  • New ‘Popular Posts’ widget – Only works when the network or site is using Google Analytics. Displays a lists of the most popular posts in a sidebar.
  • Live Shortcode Plugin – Now there is a shortcode to create a sidebar anywhere in a page or post. Then widgets can be added just like any other sidebar. This means you can now place widgets anywhere!
  • Update to the ‘Embed Any Document’ plugin to remove some of the 3rd party links and branding from the settings page.

June 9, 2015 – Updated Batch Create, New Calendar and Docs Plugins

The following updates and improvements were made to all CampusPress networks earlier today:

  • A new and improved version of Batch Create, which allows Super Admins to upload a spreadsheet file to create users and/or sites. Now you can select templates to be applied to new sites, determine if users are local/SSO, and enable/disable email notifications.
  • A brand new Calendar+ plugin has been added. Super Admins must enable this plugin on all sites for end users to access under Network Admin > Plugins > Plugin Management. This plugin is new, and new features will be added in the coming months. It allow for easy management of calendars and events.
  • A new Embed Any Document plugin has been added. Super Admins must enable this plugin on all sites for end users to access under Network Admin > Plugins > Plugin Management. This is a 3rd party plugin that makes it easy to embed uploaded PDFs and other documents.

As always, please shoot us an email at with any questions.

May 26, 2015 – New Shortcode Plugin and Other Updates

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks today:

  • A new “Live Shortcodes” plugin has been added which makes it easy to and add buttons, accordians, rss feeds, and more to posts and pages. This plugin works great, but should be considered in ‘beta’ as new features will be regularly added over the coming weeks and months. The plugin must be made available by Super Admins in the Plugins menu in the network admin.
  • The ‘MediaCore’ plugin now allows the Super Admin to add the MediaCore URL for all sites in a network settings page.
  • The ‘Subscribe By Email’ feature now will strip out any shortcodes in email notifications for a better user experience.
  • The ‘Clone’ and ‘New Blog Templates’ tool will better handle replacing original image URLs in posts and pages upon site creation.
  • The ‘Jetpack’ plugin has been upgraded to version 3.5.3 (a security update).

May 7, 2015 – Security Update

Earlier today, the WordPress core team released a security update to address a potential vulnerability. We’ve since patched all networks and plugins on all networks that we host. We’ve also done a complete scan and have found no evidence that any site has been affected. You can learn more about the update here.

There was no change to any user experience or impact on site reliability or performance during or as a result of this update.