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CampusPress allows you to create seamless teaching and learning experiences, powered by WordPress

Enterprise grade architecture

Guaranteed uptime, security and performance with a 99.9% SLA.

Comprehensive management

Continuous system monitoring and personal account management.

Always on end-user support

24/7/365 technical support for your entire team... and even your students.

Professional development

We provide customized and thorough training courses and materials for your staff.



Design & development work to your requirements


Always on 24/7/365 support to your entire teaching & learning team, based on your needs


Bespoke professional development curriculum & delivery

We’ll work with your team to develop bespoke functionality, design and support options for your project.

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Teacher & Class Websites

WordPress is often used as a core or supplementary tool to support in person and remote teaching and learning and nobody has more experience than CampusPress in providing these services.


Whether it’s as an administrative tool, for content delivery, as a private class community or to provide a digital home and record of class achievement, it’s possible using CampusPress.

We have dedicated, vetted and managed plugins and themes, alongside training material and expert support that will enable your teachers to utilize WordPress to its full effect.

Institutional Websites

If you are looking to use WordPress as your primary content and web management system, then we’ve got the experience and platform to assist.

Since 2005

In addition to developing custom designs, functionality and vetting existing plugins and themes, we can design hosting architecture and optimization that will provide enterprise grade reliability, security, accessibility and performance.

Alongside which we have 18 years of experience providing training, support and management services to education, so we know how to help.

Student ePortfolios & Blogs


As the first and largest provider of blogs in education, we know the tools and methodologies needed to help students succeed in using blogs as part of their K-12 education.

“Let us take care of your WordPress implementation, integration, hosting, maintenance, support & professional development requirements... so that you can focus on teaching & learning.”