Updates: November 26, 2019

Published Updates: November 14, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates:
    • Site Privacy: Changed “blog” labels on front-end to “site”.
    • Subscribe By Email: Removed ability to hide unsubscribe link.
    • Image Optimizer: Improved compatibility with importer.
    • Signup TOS: Removed inline styles from checkbox on signup.
    • Reader: Fixed issues with private comments being hidden for post authors when they don’t have edit caps.
    • Advanced Settings: Added option to automatically set featured images and added ability to disable network activated plugin per site (super admins only).
    • WP LaTeX: Updated to 1.9.2 and moved from mu-plugins to network activated.
    • Lock Posts: Moved from mu-plugins to being regular plugin (It will need to be reactivated manually).
    • Calendar Plus: Updated to
  • New Plugins:
    • Formidable Recapcha V3: Adds reCAPCHA V3 to all forms for logged out users. Validation happens in background but links to Google privacy policy are added before submit button as it is legally required.
  • Themes Updates: Bushwick: Accessibility improvements.
    • Twenty Twelve: Accessibility improvements.
    • Twenty Eleven: Accessibility improvements.
    • A11Y’all: Accessibility improvements.

Upcoming Updates:  November 26, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates:
    • Join Multisite: changed from “blogs” terminology to “sites”.
    • Google Analytics Plus: updated to version 3.2.1 known as “Beehive”.
    • Author Widget: Fixed users post check.
    • Subscribe By Email: disabled ability to hide unsubscribe link and improved notice about subscriber count limit.
    • Divi Builder: updated to 4.0.3.
  • Themes Updates:
    • Extra: updated to 4.0.3.
    • Divi: updated to 4.0.3.
  • WP Updates:
    • Additional File Types – Added support for: JNB, TWBX and KML.