About CampusPress

Since 2005, we have lead the way in bringing WordPress to 1000’s of schools, universities, and organizations.

Meet The Team

Based in Australia, but with employees located all over the globe, the CampusPress team consists of some of the best EdTech and web minds in the biz.

James Farmer


Ronnie Burt

GM/Chief Business Officer

Sue Waters

Head of Sales & Support

Aaron Edwards


Eugene Brown

Sales Director

Christine Donovan

Sales Director

Kathleen Morris

Community Manager

Mel Brown

Accounts & Billing

Jason Tietelman

Account Manager

Sylvie Valdeau

Account Manager

Nathan Smith

Account Manager

Barry Stofberg

Account Manager

Moha Sudirikku

DevOps Lead

Maniu Misiek

Developer Lead

Alex Stine

Full Stack Developer

Ve Bailovic

Full Stack Developer

Oskar Kossuth


Mitesh Shah


Shea Bunge


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