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Multisite networks


SSO integration

Systems architecture

Custom development

We’re specialists in implementing education specific technical, functional and policy requirements

Enterprise grade architecture

Guaranteed uptime, security and performance with a 99.9% SLA.

Multisite networks

18 years of experience in managing and migrating existing Multisite networks

SSO & Systems Integrations

Sync WordPress with your existing authentication and credential management

Custom Development

Comprehensive documentation and training materials

Technology & Service


We are experts in migrating existing Multisite installs to next generation bespoke systems

Developer Workflow

Staging environments, version control, code management, QA and testing

Integrated Functionality

Comprehensive plugin & theme library, reviewed continuously for performance and security

We’ll work with your technical, professional and teaching & learning team to provision & support your new or existing platform.

Supporting your technical and academic staff

We work with technical and academic teams to create the kind of WordPress services and networks that match your policy and project objectives... and then we support you each day to help you succeed.


We provide 24/7/365 support to administrators, teaching and learning staff and students using CampusPress networks. Let us give your users the support they need.

We can provide bespoke training and professional development over Zoom as well as documentation, live chat, ticket based and email support. Use Slack? Let’s talk there!

Institutional Websites

If you are looking to use WordPress as your primary content and web management system, then we’ve got the experience and platform to assist.

Since 2005

In addition to developing custom designs, functionality and vetting existing plugins and themes, we can design hosting architecture and optimization that will provide enterprise grade reliability, security, accessibility and performance.

Alongside which we have 18 years of experience providing training, support and management services to education, so we know how to help.

Nobody is more experienced with Multisite

We’ve run Multisite networks for longer than any other provider - Edublogs.org pre-dates WordPress.com by about 6 weeks - and we’ve run thousands of them for hundreds of educational institutions since.

Not only are our custom Multisite setups efficient, secure, updated, meticulously maintained and fully audit logged but they are also developed to support teaching and learning.

With custom tools and plugins, developed and supported by the same team behind WPMU DEV (our sister company) you can be assured your Multisite project is in the best possible hands.

CampusPressMultisite at

Design & Integrations

We can work with both in-house and external design and development teams to achieve the outcomes that you need from your sites.

As well as implementing custom UX and design solutions we are also experts in extending and creating custom plugins to provide your platform with unique functionality.

We’ll guarantee accessibility, security and performance of both your platform and customizations, providing both initial development and ongoing maintenance.

“Let us take care of your WordPress implementation, integration, hosting, maintenance, support & professional development requirements... so that you can focus on teaching & learning.”