Comprehensive, enforced, layered & redundant

Data protection.

CampusPress Security

Nightly Security Scans

Automatically checks all plugins and themes for vulnerabilities.

In-depth Code Review

All plugins/themes are reviewed for best practices to minimize risks.

SSO / Authentication

Single Sign-On and two-factor auth for fast and secure site logins.

Audit Logging

User action logs are stored for 30-120 days to help find and fix issues.

Security Patches

Guaranteed patching of known vulnerabilities within 24 hours.

Firewall Protection

Brute force and DDoS protection, with 24/7 traffic monitoring.

Fully Dedicated Resources

Enterprise-grade architecture, nothing shared, no interruptions.

Website Backups

Encrypted, off-site backups are taken nightly, restore anytime.

SSL Security

Support for free Let's Encrypt certificates or supply your own.

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Our security guarantee

In addition to ongoing monitoring, vulnerability detection, and 24/7 access to our SysAdmin & DevOps teams, we guarantee that in the unlikely event that your system is compromised we will restore it to it’s pre-compromised state.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Around the globe, our constant monitoring and always staffed rapid response service protects your platform, ensuring uninterrupted access & protection.

Security Audits

We regularly have our security practices audited and as well as supplying you with those details can provide audits of your technical site security whenever required.

Offsite hourly backups

Your system is backed up each hour to a an offsite location with 30 days redundancy, giving you 720 geographically separate (same or different country) restore points.

Platform security

HECVAT Assurance

At CampusPress, we understand your reliance on our services and the importance of evaluating our security, privacy, and accessibility measures.

We are happy to provide you with a HECVAT Lite self-assessment, outlining our compliance with industry standards and the robust security protocols built into our infrastructure.