User Support

Always on, expert and helpful support for your site management, users and even your students.


We continually have expert support staff on hand to assist you with anything to do with your CampusPress site.Alongside this you get access to our always on SysAdmin / DevOps team that ensures that any issue is quickly and effectively resolved.


As the sister company of WPMU DEV, the top-rated WordPress host on the internet, you cam rely on our support.Plus, many of our large clients, from government departments to colleges like Cornell have used our services for over a decade.


We can also provide support and training for your end users, such as teachers running sites and even your students using them!We can provide support for every user on your platform, including your students if they need help using the technology, talk to our sales team.

"CampusPress have been hosting our multisite network for over 5 years and have always provided exceptional customer service...”

"Reliable and dependable service. Staff and students are able to make use of the platform without difficulties or interruption.”

"CampusPress allows our students to sign-in seamlessly using their school details, so they can always access their portfolio.”

Fast, reliable & comprehensive support

Private tickets

For personalized and private assistance, we provide a fully featured private ticket based support system that integrates with email for prompt and straightforward support.

Zoom / phone

Prefer to talk over Zoom, or a call? Schedule to talk with our experts for personalized assistance and issue resolution.

Slack / email

For immediate support and assistance we add users to our Slack environment and provide priority email.

Resources, docs & training

Alongside our multi-platform personal support we provide comprehensive documentation and training documentation, videos and can schedule live training seminars.