WordPress For Education

We bring the best of the web to schools, districts, and universities.

Our tools and services power millions of websites, blog networks, and portfolios. We’re experts in accessibility, security, hosting, and support.

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Providing web services for schools and universities since 2005

Websites & CMS Solutions

A complete Content Management System for all your web needs.

WordPress powers over one-third of all sites on the internet because it is flexible and easy to use. We’ve built tools on top of WordPress, along with a scalable hosting infrastructure, to be able to support the most important websites at your school, district, or university.

We are experts in sites for faculty, departments, campus news, and student organizations too.

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Learning Platforms

Course blogs, ePortfolios, and student projects.

If you are looking to provide a stable, secure, and hassle-free WordPress based learning network for your teachers and students, nobody has more experience to share.

With integrations with popular Learning Management Systems and student management tools baked right in, our platform provides an authentic audience and web publishing experience to maximize learning.

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Enterprise Level Hosting

Load balancing, auto-scaling, and the highest security practices.

We offer multiple customized managed hosting solutions depending on your needs, built with services from AWS and Digital Ocean. All finely-tuned for high performance and reliability.

All sites we host come with around-the-clock monitoring, nightly encrypted backups, and multiple layers of security. 

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Accessibility Done Right

Themes, site reviews, and content tools.

We don’t believe that accessibility is something you ‘do’ after the fact. Our goal is to provide plugins and themes to help ensure accessibility compliance before sites are published.

Our accessible content plugin helps those creating pages and post to follow best practices too – with built-in training and support.

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Training & Support

Support is a really big deal for us.

Not just WordPress support either, but supporting any project you can imagine being built with CampusPress. Learning, marketing, communications, and everything in between.

Founded by and staffed by educators, CampusPress can provide high quality virtual and in-person training too.

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