Systems Management

Complete management of your WordPress platform

Hosting environment

Maintenance, auditing and adaptation of your selected architecture

WordPress sites

Keeping WordPress secure, up to date and completely stable

Plugins & themes

Ensuring add on functionality is safe, optimized and updated


We actively manage every aspect of your CampusPress install, from potential threats to performance and uptime.

Working on both the OS and with WordPress (and associated plugins and themes). We bring the kind of experience and security that you only get from an established and experienced provider.

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Say goodbye to problems with upgrading WordPress, including plugins and themes.

We take care of every aspect of your upgrades in addition to dealing with any compatibility issues that arise.


We both monitor and provide you with the tools to ensure that we hit and exceed our 99.9% SLA agreement.

Further, our custom auto-scaling services and 24/7/365 live support will ensure that your site is stable and functional.


We take backups and restore points incredibly seriously. In addition to standard daily offsite backups we also provide an houry backup service that gives you 720 possible restore points.

You can also use our Snapshot technology to generate your own backups and sync with every popular data storage service (or store them yourselves.)