Custom Development

Functionality, design and integrations


WordPress is almost infinitely extensive, and we have more experience than almost anyone at adding that functionality.

From the first ever modern Multisite site,, to our sister company WPMU DEV, we have developed and adapted plugins to meet almost any eventuality.

Whether you are looking at a teaching and learning need, an administrative function or a commercial component to your CampusPress site, we can help.

Alongside hundreds of existing plugins that we have audited and pre-installed for you to use, or you can bring your own.


Your CampusPress site can elegantly include not only your branding but also conform to your style guide, accessibility and responsive requirements.

Custom Themes

We can work with your in-house or external design team to create custom themes and adapt existing designs to the platform.


We can also provide your designers and developers with access to workflows and staging environments to deploy your own custom design requirements.

Vetted Themes

Alternatively you can use any one of the hundreds of existing themes that we have reviewed and pre-installed into your site.


We are experts when it comes to integrating with your existing SSO services. From Active Directory to LDAP and Google, we've got you covered.

Further, we can integrate with digital media libraries, asset management and provide any level of privacy and security that you require.

We can make your WordPress site experience function, look and behave in an identical manner to your current systems for a seamless and elegant deployment.

Plus, we will work with your development teams to integrated APIs or assist them with any custom integrations or technical compatibility challenges.