Data Privacy

Your privacy, especially that of the students and schools that we serve, is critically important to us.

Our full end-user privacy agreement is found at

We have summarized the most important and relevant points of our privacy policies and practices here at CampusPress.

For any questions about the privacy and security of our platform, please contact us at

We are a web publishing platform, built on the open-source WordPress content management system, to provide websites, blogs, and portfolios for education organizations. Each customer gets one or more completely unique and separate instances of WordPress or WordPress Multisite.

Organizations we work with can choose to add additional WordPress plugins or themes which can add to 3rd party integrations and data collection practices of a site. Customers also can alter default settings and behaviors when it comes to authentication, user profile fields, and other areas that may impact end-user data privacy.

As such, schools/universities/organizations hosting websites on our platforms are responsible for their own end-user privacy and usage agreements and may wish to publish or use their own.

Data We Collect?

  • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.
  • We encourage organizations we work with to integrate with existing authentication services so that passwords are not ever shared with us.
  • A valid email address is required for adult users that create registered accounts. This email address is for systems emails only and is not ever added to any marketing list or sold to any 3rd parties.
  • We maintain financial transaction records and contact information of school, district, and education organizations that purchase our services.
  • Beyond the above, no other personal information is collected. We do NOT collect education records, directory information, biometric data, health data, behavioral data, or other sensitive data.

Data We Share?

  • We do not rent or sell personally-identifying information to anyone.
  • We only use the information and data we collect for the purpose for which it was collected. We do share data with a limited number of 3rd parties explicitly to assist with the operation of our platform, including web hosts, email sending, payment processing, and support services.
  • We have vetted the policies of the 3rd parties we work with and a full and updated list is found in the ‘Personal Data We Collect’ section here.
  • The CampusPress platform is 100% advertising free. We do not display ads, and we do not participate in any services that track visitors to display targeted ads on other websites.
  • We are a web publishing platform that allows registered users to upload and publish content. We have filtering tools in place to monitor user content for inappropriate misuse of our platform, such as spam.

CampusPress Security

  • All user accounts can only be created under a school, district, university, or education organization sponsored account.
  • Account registration is required in order to access the web publishing platform and before any data is shared with us.
  • We aim to make it as simple as possible for customers to control the content that is visible to the public, seen by search engines, kept private, and permanently deleted.
  • We fully encrypt all user data both at rest and in transit, including all system backups and user-uploaded files and content.
  • All employees receive regular training on privacy practices, and we utilize detailed audit logging of employee and staff activity to track when customer data is accessed or changed.
  • We have a security breach notification plan in place, which can be found here.
  • We follow best security practices and can provide 3rd party reports about our security and privacy practices on request.

User Rights

  • All users have the right to a copy of their content and data that we store, and we will fully delete or anonymize any user’s data on request. We will verify the identity of the requestor via email, and parents have these rights for their minor children.
  • The data request and erasure tools are built right into the WordPress dashboard and are automated. For those that can’t access the WordPress dashboard, they should contact the school/organization that owns the account first, and then if needed.

End Of Life Data

As the host, our customers are responsible for determining end-of-life procedures for any and all data. This includes deleting or archiving data for individual sites or users. Otherwise, all data and content will remain in the database for as long as the site(s) remain hosted by us.

Should a customer leave us, or should a local archive of user data be required, we can provide a complete MySQL export and database dump of a network. We will completely purge all customer data within three months of canceling service from all backups and instances.

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