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June 9, 2015 – Updated Batch Create, New Calendar and Docs Plugins

The following updates and improvements were made to all CampusPress networks earlier today:

  • A new and improved version of Batch Create, which allows Super Admins to upload a spreadsheet file to create users and/or sites. Now you can select templates to be applied to new sites, determine if users are local/SSO, and enable/disable email notifications.
  • A brand new Calendar+ plugin has been added. Super Admins must enable this plugin on all sites for end users to access under Network Admin > Plugins > Plugin Management. This plugin is new, and new features will be added in the coming months. It allow for easy management of calendars and events.
  • A new Embed Any Document plugin has been added. Super Admins must enable this plugin on all sites for end users to access under Network Admin > Plugins > Plugin Management. This is a 3rd party plugin that makes it easy to embed uploaded PDFs and other documents.

As always, please shoot us an email at with any questions.

May 26, 2015 – New Shortcode Plugin and Other Updates

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks today:

  • A new “Live Shortcodes” plugin has been added which makes it easy to and add buttons, accordians, rss feeds, and more to posts and pages. This plugin works great, but should be considered in ‘beta’ as new features will be regularly added over the coming weeks and months. The plugin must be made available by Super Admins in the Plugins menu in the network admin.
  • The ‘MediaCore’ plugin now allows the Super Admin to add the MediaCore URL for all sites in a network settings page.
  • The ‘Subscribe By Email’ feature now will strip out any shortcodes in email notifications for a better user experience.
  • The ‘Clone’ and ‘New Blog Templates’ tool will better handle replacing original image URLs in posts and pages upon site creation.
  • The ‘Jetpack’ plugin has been upgraded to version 3.5.3 (a security update).

May 7, 2015 – Security Update

Earlier today, the WordPress core team released a security update to address a potential vulnerability. We’ve since patched all networks and plugins on all networks that we host. We’ve also done a complete scan and have found no evidence that any site has been affected. You can learn more about the update here.

There was no change to any user experience or impact on site reliability or performance during or as a result of this update.

May 5, 2015: Reader Updates, New Themes, Jetpack, and Error Pages

The following changes and improvements have been pushed live earlier today:

  • Theme Retirement Notifications – sites that are currently using themes that will be retired will now start seeing a notification to users when logged in. A list of themes that will be retired was sent in an email to all Super Admins last week. Please note, ‘Edublogs Default’ was accidentally added to this list. It will not be retired. Learn more here.
  • New Themes Added – Many new mobile friendly themes are now added to all CampusPress networks. Super Admins must enable new themes in Network Admin > Themes to make them available to users. The new themes are listed here.
  • Reader Update – including lists and private comments. Learn more here. Super Admins must enable Reader features in Network Admin > Settings > Reader. The ‘lists’ feature requires that the “Following” module be enabled. We recommend changing the first setting option to “The Reader should replace the default WordPress Dashboard Home page” on all networks so that users can more easily find the reader and its features.
  • Jetpack Plugin Update – to version 3.4.3 – including enabling access to the Mobile Theme module.
  • Redesigned Error Pages – 504 and other server-level error pages are now simpler in design and more user friendly.

April 28, 2015 – WordPress Security Updates

We have now completed upgrading all CampusPress networks to version 4.1.4 to address the XSS vulnerability announced yesterday.

In addition, we are beginning the process to thoroughly test and prepare for an upgrade to 4.2.x. More on this will be sent to all Super Admin users in the coming weeks.

Please let us know at with any questions you may have.


April 7, 2015 – Updates to Forums, Google Analytics, and Super Admin Roles

The following changes have been applied to all CampusPress networks today:

  • Update to Google Analytics due to changes in the Google API. This will require Super Admins and any end user to re-authenticate their account in order to show in dashboard stats. Tracking code will continue to work until the re-authentication is complete. Please contact us with any questions. You will see notifications in your dashboard with more information.
  • We’ve introduced a new “Support – Super Admin” role with less overall permissions. This is ideal for those that need access to all sites on the network, but they won’t be able to change network-wide settings. Our team can help change the permission of any user and are happy to explain the differences in levels. Documentation will be updated later this week and linked to from here.
  • We’ve converted the old Forums plugin to bbPress – bringing along with it many more forums features for users. All existing forums are automatically converted to new bbPress forums.
  • Usernames can now be created that are only 3 characters long (previously required minimum of 4 characters).
  • Update to the Divi Theme – this is code efficiency changes only. No user experience or design changes.

March 24, 2015 – Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

The following changes and updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

  • Branding bug fixes: Improved admin bar styling for mobile devices and favicon and login image upload bug fixes
  • Captcha Whitelisting – Now CAPTCHA will not check for correct answer if the IP is whitelisted in the network admin
  • Super Admin Scripts can now download a CSV of domain mapped sites
  • Subscribe by Email – added ability to resend post emails manually
  • Theme bug fixes: Oriental Writing and Fifteen
  • Plugin bug fixes: Supreme Google Webfonts, Compfight, Participants Widget, Calendar and Google Maps

January 19, 2015 – New User Reports and Other Updates

The following changes and updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks: For End Users

  • New! User Reports. Visit Plugins > Plugin Management in Network Admin to enable for “All Users”. Then, once activated on a site, go to Users > Reports to generate reports of comments and posts, which can then be downloaded as a PDF or CSV. Let us know if you’d like this plugin network activated and auto-enabled for all sites.
  • Updated: The Supreme Google Web Fonts plugin now has a list of available fonts to enable/disable under Settings > Writing.
  • Updated: The Easy Tables plugin now has the table buttons combined into one new Table icon for a much cleaner user experience. See the User Guide here.

For Super Administrators

  • New! Beta Super Admin Reports. We must enable this feature for you, but one enabled, you can now create downloadable reports of user, theme, and plugin usage information. Please contact us to enable this beta feature (still under development) for you.
  • Also please note that in order to improve the experience of Super Administrators, we are in the process of moving settings, options, and combining menu items in the Network Admin area around. We’ll continue to update our documentation, but please contact us if you aren’t able to find what you are used to or have any feedback at all.

Upcoming WordPress 4.1 Update

On December 11th, we will start upgrading all networks to WordPress 4.1.

We’ve done extensive testing and don’t expect any issues at all. Should you require the upgrade be during a specific date and time window, please let us know at as soon as possible.

There will be no expected downtime during the upgrade.

This update will include:

  • Improved visual editor tools – faster, better mobile experience, accessibility improvements, and more.
  • Better embed experience – the editor will show a true preview of embeds. More services can be embedded with just a link, including YouTube playlists, Animoto, Mixcloud and more.
  • Image editing – crop, rotation, and scale tools have been improved.
  • Audio and video playlists, works much like image galleries.
  • Theme customizer – header and background images will no longer have their own menu item, they can easily be changed and previewed live in the “Customize” link. Also, widgets can now be added, edited, and rearranged in the customizer as well.
  • Media library – now displays thumbnails of images in an endless grid.
  • Distraction free mode – will hide all of the menu options and make for a cleaner post writing experience.
  • Twenty Fifteen Theme – the latest WordPress default theme. Clean, mobile friendly, accessible, and simple.
  • Login Logo – if you were still using the Edublogs logo on the login page, it will be changed to the WordPress logo. You can update to your school’s logo, if you wish in the Network Admin Branding menu item.
  • Overall improvements – there are thousands of small bug fixes and code improvements leading to a smoother dashboard.

As always, please let us know about any questions you may have.

Thank you!