My Class is is designed to make it easy for teachers to connect student blogs to their class blog (course blog or year level blog) where the teacher can control blog privacy, comment moderation and post moderation on all student blogs with just one click.

My Class also makes it easier for students and the teacher to read and comment on posts published on all student blogs from directly inside their dashboard using the Reader.

It can also be used to add students as users to the class blog if the teacher only want students to publish posts on the class blog using Posts > Add New and don’t want to students to have their own individual student blogs.

If you are using one of our authentication options the users will be created as LDAPGoogle Apps, or Shibboleth users depending on which authentication option you are using.

Enable My Class

The My Class menu item is added to the dashboard of all blogs when the Classes plugin is network activated in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard.

Classes plugin

Don’t network deactivted the Classes plugin if it is being used to manage student blogs.  You can check Class usage in Settings > Classes in network admin dashboard.

Classes Settings

The Classes Settings page in network admin dashboard is where you can see statistics on the number of class blogs and student blogs on your network; the privacy options used on student blogs and where you can control which classes features are activated.

Classes Stats

Turn Off My Class

All My Class menu items are removed in the dashboard of all blogs when “Turn off “My Class” student management feature” is selected.  Any student blogs attached to a class blog via My Class will remain attached to the class blog but teachers won’t be able to access My Class > Student blogs and won’t be able to create new student blogs.

You normally wouldn’t select Turn off “My Class” student management feature” unless you wanted to disable My Class.  

Turn off My Class

Don’t allow teachers to create new student users and blogs

By default, once My Class is set up on a class blog a teacher is able to create new student users and student blogs using My Class > Add Student Users and My Class > Create Student blogs.

When “Don’t allow class admins (teachers) to create new student users and blogs is selected it removes the menu items  My Class > Add Student Users and My Class > Create Student blogs.  

This option is used on a few CampusPress networks to prevent teachers creating accounts that don’t follow the the required naming conventions for student user and blog accounts.

My Class menu

My Class automatically creates user accounts as SSO users if you’ve set up your CampusPress network to authenicate against your single-sign-on system.  The new user will be able to log in with their school user account provided the correct school username and email address has been used to create their account.

Commonly asked My Class questions

Due to how My Class works you can only connect student blogs to one class blog using My Class. If you need several teachers to be able to access and moderate student blogs you add multiple teacher users by selecting their usernames under Teachers in My Class > Settings.   

You can also set it up as a grade level blog to manage student blogs rather than a class blog.

You’ll find more information on using My Class here:

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