Super Administrators can easily clone sites.

This can be useful for:

  • moving a site to a new URL
  • setting up a staging/testing environment
  • creating multiple sites from one template
  • keeping backup copies of important sites

How to Clone

1.  Go to the Network Admin dashboard.
Network admin dashboard

2.  Locate the site you want to clone by searching the blog URL using ‘Search Sites‘ on the Right Now module.

Search sites

3. Hover the mouse over the blog URL to reveal the action menus and click on Clone.

4. Select Create a new Site and add your new site name.
Create new site

5. Add your new blog title or leave as Clone blog title.
Change blog title

6.  Click Clone Site.
Clone Site

Using Cloner for Staging

It is important to know that the clone tool can also overwrite any existing site.

This means that you can make a clone of an existing site, make changes on the cloned version, and then clone again back over the original.

This can be a great tool for testing theme changes or updates to sites without having to make these changes on the live site.

When making changes on the ‘staging’ site, you can temporarily change the privacy setting so that it isn’t public on the web until you are ready to push it live.

You replace an existing site as follows:
1.  Select Replace existing site.

2.  Type in the site name and it should automatically search for the blog URL.
Select Replace existing site

3.  Click Clone Site.

4.  You’ll see the following message and click on Continue if you agree to permanently overwrite the contents of the existing blog.
Click Continue