Batch Create is the advanced option designed to allow Super admin users to quickly create a large number of blogs or users. All you need to do is create an Excel. xls file, saved as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook, and then upload the file to Sites > Batch Create or Users > Batch Create in the network admin dashboard.

Below are examples of how batch create can be used and what the batch create file needs to look like:

1.  Create new users and blogs.

Screenshot of a new user batch file in excel

  • blog URL is e.g
  • If password field is left blank the user is assigned an automatically generated password.
  • The user role on a new blog must be administrator.  You can only assign a different user role when adding a user to an existing blog.

2.  Create new users with preset password or auto-generated password.

New users with preset password

  • If password field is left blank the user is assigned an automatically generated password.

3.  Add new users to existing blogs with preset password or auto-generated password and set role.

Existing site

  • The two new users are added to existing blog URL assigned the role of contributor or subscriber.
  • If password field is left blank the user is assigned an automatically generated password.

4.  Add existing users to existing blogs with set role.

Adding sites

  • The user is added to existing blog URL assigned the role of contributor.

Using Batch Create

1.  Set up your batch create file with the following header row and format:

Batch Create file

  • Needs to be written in this order –Site Name,Site Title, username, password, user email and user role.
  • Each new user must be on a separate row and each of a users details in a new column.  Refer to the examples at the top of the page to see how to add the information for each user.
  • Each user must have their own unique email address; you can’t use the same email address for more than one user or the site will be created against the first username that has been attached to that email address.

Important tips:

  • Create a maximum of 100 sites or users per batch create file.  This reduces the risks of you making a mistake when creating the batch create file.
  • Start by testing batch create using 10 sites or users in your batch create file and send your batch create file to so we can check the file has been set up properly before it is uploaded to batch create.

2.  Once you’ve added the sites and usernames save your file as an Excel for 97-2003 Workbook.

3.  Go to Sites >  Batch Create in the network admin dashboard.

Batch Create

4.  Select Yes if your file has a header row.

Select Yes

5.  Select ‘No‘ for local users.

  • You only see the local user option on CampusPress networks that are set to authenticate against their single-sign on system (i.e. authenticate against Google Apps, LDAP, shibboleth etc).  On these networks No needs to be selected otherwise the user accounts will be created as local users and they won’t be able to log in with their school username and password.

Local Users

6.  Select the template blog you want to use if you are using New Blog Templates.

  • The New Blog Templates tool allows Super Admins to set up blog templates that can be used for creating other blogs that are almost an exact copy of the template blog. Using blog templates, you can ensure all newly created sites have the same appearance, header image, categories, widgets, plugins and your own customized content in posts, pages and comments.

Select Template

7.  Upload your Batch Create file (It needs to be saved as Excel for 97-2003 Workbook).

Upload batch create file


8.  Click Run Batch Create.

9.  The batch create queue will load after the batch create file has been uploaded.

10.  Check all items to confirm all details are correct.


11.  Click Process Items if all details are correct or click Clean Items if the details aren’t correct to upload a new batch create file.