Site privacy controls the privacy settings on all sites across your CampusPress network.

By Default, privacy is set to ‘Allow all visitors to all sites” and ‘Allow sites administrators to modify privacy settings for their sites’.

You can change privacy on sites in Settings > Site Privacy in the network admin dashboard.

Show Privacy option at Sign up

Show Privacy on sign up
By default, users see an option to select their site privacy when creating their site using your sign up page located at .    Select No if you don’t want users to set their site privacy when creating their new site.
Site administrators can change their site privacy any time in Settings > Reading unless you’ve selected No for ‘Allow Override’.

For more information on changing site privacy in Settings > Reading refer to Change Blog Privacy support documentation.

Available Options

Privacy Options
By default, your users will see all private site options on your sign up page and in Settings > Reading as well as Allow search engines to index this site’ and ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ and these options allow them to choose their own site privacy.

Normally you would keep all available options selected options and not adjust the available options settings.

Default Settings

Default privacy setting
The default settings control the privacy on all newly created sites.

By default, privacy is set to “Allow all visitors to all sites”.   This means any new sites created using the Blog & User Creator, Batch Create or one of our authentication options such as LDAPGoogle Apps, or Shibboleth are automatically created as “Allow all visitors to all sites’.

Site privacy can be changed to any of the default settings.

Contact CampusPress support at if you need help changing your default privacy settings.

Allow Override 

Privacy Override
By default, site administrators can change their privacy setting in Settings > Reading.  If you don’t want site administrators to change their site privacy you need to select No for ‘Allow Override’.

Allow no override is normally only used on private CampusPress networks.

Privacy on student blogs is controlled using My Class > Settings if you are using My Class and can’t be changed in Settings > Reading (refer to My Class support documentation).

Update All Sites

Please contact CampusPress support at if  you need the privacy on all sites on your entire CampusPress network changed to a new default privacy settings.

About Privacy Options

There are six privacy options:

  1. Two public site options – allows any one who visits the site to read content.
  2. Four private blog options – restricts who can view site content.

Please note RSS is automatically disabled on all private blogs to ensure content is restricted to only people who should be able to read it.

Site Visibility
Privacy on student blogs is controlled via My Class > Settings if you are using My Class( refer to My Class support documentation).