Accessibility Services

User education, plugins, site reviews, and compliance mitigation.

Accessible design improves the experience for all visitors

Accessibility Education

Raise awareness and instill best practices.

Use our tools, docs, and guides to provide professional development to your content and development teams. Or, bring us in to provide training virtually or in person.

View our Complete WordPress Accessibility Guide.

Accessible Content Plugin

Accessibility scans right inside the editing experience.

With our Accessible Content plugin, content editors must preview a new page or post before publishing live. On the preview, we identify potential accessibility issues with helpful information on how to fix them.

Learn more about the Accessible Content Plugin.

Accessibility Ready Themes

So that sites can start with the basics in place.

We’ve developed and curated WordPress themes that focus on improving the usability and experience for visitors with different needs, including those using screen readers, are color blind, or who may not be able to use a mouse. These themes have been reviewed by a third party to ensure that standards are met.

See a list of the Accessibility Ready themes.

Site Reviews & Mitigation

Bringing existing sites into compliance.

Our team can review sites using manual and automated tools to audit for compliance and issues.

If you are working with a service, like our Siteimprove integration, we can help mitigate problems in reports too.

Contact us to request a review and more information.

Other Services We Provide

Let us know about any particular project or ways we can help…


Over half of our customers move existing sites and networks to us.

Custom Themes

We can take designs to make themes and can take on plugin projects too.


Both in-person and virtual options are available – tailored to your needs.

Site Reviews

We’ll evaluate (and help mitigate) for performance, accessibility, and security.