Category: Changelog

Updates: Nov 1, 2022

Plugin Updates: Admin Bar: Fix – custom roles not displaying in admin bar. Advanced Network Settings: New – option to force “link to media file”. File Block: Fix – embedded docs not showing in Safari. Accessible Social Share (Scriptless Social Sharing): Upgrade – version 3.2.1. Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings: Upgrade – version 3.0.9. Theme Updates:…Continue Reading Updates: Nov 1, 2022

Updates: October 25, 2022

Plugin Updates: Admin Messages: Fix – JS error with Divi. PHP 8 Compatibility Improvements: Network Messages, Blog Categories, New Site Template, Classes, Reader, Wiki, Accessible Content, Super Admin Exports, Slide-In, Cloner, Dogo Content Widget, Infinite SEO, WP Mega Menu, Blog Importer, Edit Flow and Improved Simpler CSS (Custom CSS). Print My Blog: Removal – no…Continue Reading Updates: October 25, 2022

Updates: October 18, 2022

Plugin Updates: PHP 8 Compatibility Improvements: Batch Create, Lean CAPTCHA and Subscribe by Email. Formidable: Fix – CSS issues when site is password protected. Beehive: Upgrade – version 3.4.1. Divi Builder: Upgrade – version 4.18.0. Theme Updates: Divi: Upgrade – version 4.18.0. Extra: Upgrade – version 4.18.0….Continue Reading Updates: October 18, 2022

Updates: September 20, 2022

Plugin Update: A to Z List: Accessibility improvements. Calendar+: Add option to display past events in Event list block. Fix with Divi Builder styles overriding Calendar+ styles when Divi Builder used on a site. Co Blocks: Fix bug related to new UI to build service blocks which caused extra empty block to be displayed on…Continue Reading Updates: September 20, 2022