Our Plugins

We’ve developed dozens of plugins to solve just about any need.

Never shop around (or buy a license) for WordPress plugins again

The following is a list of the plugins that we have developed and maintain. We have also vetted hundreds of 3rd party plugins that can be used, and you can request additional plugins to be reviewed too.

Multisite Administration
Learning Management

Accessible Content

Scan pages and posts for potential accessibility issues and learn how to fix them. Plus, add and edit Alt Text all in one place.

Additional File Types

Manage the file types that are allowed for users to upload, and safely support a large number of file types that WordPress usually does not allow.

Advanced Importer

Turns the built-in WordPress XML site import tool into an API service, which means you can easily bring in large WordPress sites with lots of pages, content, and files.


Helps identify and stop comment spam.

Beehive Analytics

Brings Google Analytics data inside the WordPress dashboard. Allows for Multisite network tracking and individual sites to have their own Google Analytics code.

Branda Whitelabel

Gives you a way to remove, hide, or customize nearly anything in the WordPress dashboard. Favicons, login images, footer text, admin messages, and more.


Display a calendar of events, assignments, or holidays. Import and sync with Google Calendars, and let visitors add events to their calendars directly. Works great with visitors using screen readers too.

CampusPress Cache

Integrates with our various cacheing tools to help ensure that cache is cleared with a new page, post, or comment is published.

CampusPress CDN

Our Content Delivery Network, powered by Stackpath, has more than 45 global edge locations to serve file uploads. No settings or configuration needed.

CampusPress SEO

A streamlined and efficient SEO plugin for the most common search engine optimization tools that site owners may need, including customizing post/page metadata inside the WordPress editor.

Canvas LMS Integration

Uses the Canvas API to add features and functionality to both WordPress and inside Canvas courses.

Content Monitor

Use our list (or add/create your own) of words that won’t be allowed to be used across the network. Enable optional notifications for super administrators when a word or phrase is tried.

Content Syndicator

Integrates with our Post Indexer plugin to add shortcodes and editor blocks to make it easy to display content across multiple sites on a network.

Defender Security

Our firewall and API service which scans all plugins and themes for potential security vulnerabilities. Includes hardening options to further lock down and protect WordPress sites from abuse.

Deprecation Manager

For when it comes time to retire a plugin or theme. Show an admin message in advance of the sunset date and disable access to sites from enabling while allow those with it in use to continue. Choose which theme to activate after deprecation too.

Divi Accessibility

Improves the accessibility and usability of the popular premium Divi theme.

Domain Mapping

For Super Administrators to map a domain to any URL, with optional SSL certificates generated via Let’s Encrypt for the new domains.

Forminator Forms

Simple forms, polls, and quizzes with a drag-and-drop editor and integration with many popular services.

Hummingbird Performance

Advanced tools for asset optimization, minification, CDN for theme files, page caching, and more.

Improved File Uploads

Integrates the WordPress file system with Amazon S3 for access to unlimited storage space, which improves site performance as well.

Join Multisite

Adds an interface to sites to generate invite codes and join links to manage users. Integrates with all Single Sign On options that we support.

Multisite Privacy

Makes additional site privacy options available to restrict access to individual sites. Sites can have a single shared password, locked to certain users, or anyone with a known login account can view the site.

Multisite Reader

The ‘Reader’ brings social network features to the WordPress dashboard, allowing users to follow, subscribe, and comment across blogs and sites on a network. Integrates with our ‘My Class’ tool to automatically follow and discover content by classmates.

My Class Student Management

A complete suite of tools for teachers to manage the blogs, sites, and ePortfolios of students. Moderate posts and comments, leave private feedback using the “Reader”, and manage student permissions.

Network Scripts

For Multisite networks, run reports and make batch updates across multiple sites for themes, plugins, privacy settings, and users.

Plugin Manager

Configure which plugins are available on which sites, which are auto-activated, or which are hidden. Also, rename plugins and add customized links to documentation.

Post Indexer

Runs in the background to make it possible to display feeds of global tags, categories, and content published across all sites on a Multisite network.

Site And User Creator

When enabled, allows site administrators to create new users and sites in bulk from the WordPress dashboard.

Site Cloner

Makes it possible to clone or duplicate a single site on a Multisite network. Often used for staging sites and testing, as you can then clone back over the original.

Site Directory

Add a searcheable directory of sites on a Multisite network to the main site – includes options for categories.

Smartcrawl SEO

An advanced SEO plugin for fine tuning how the site appears in search results and running reports to ensure best practices are followed and kept up-to-date.

Smush Image Optimization

Uses our API service to automatically optimize images and photos for the web.

Subscribe By Email

A built-in email notification tool for individual sites on a Multisite network. Import/export lists of subscribers, and add a sidebar widget to allow visitors to sign up. The email notification can be customized and branded too.

Theme Manager

Configure which themes are available to sites on a Multisite network. Customize categories and theme details, as well.