Updates: March 10, 2020

Published Updates:  February 25, 2020:

  • Plugins Updates:
    • Advanced Custom Fields: updated to 5.8.7.
    • Formidable: fixed issues related to loading of stylesheet file (it could cause unwanted redirect).
    • Divi Blog Extras: updated to 2.3.2 (better compatibility with latest Divi Builder version).
    • Calendar Plus: Fixed file importing, improved feed importing, added blocks, improved search and accessibility.
  • Plugins Removed:
    • Calendar (old deprecated calendar plugin)
  • Themes Removed:
    • Fusion
    • Black-LetterHead

Upcoming Updates:  March 10, 2020:

  • Plugins Updates:
    • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: updated to 3.5.2.
    • Menu Icons: updated to 0.12.2.
    • CoursePress: marked as deprecated. Activating plugin will be impossible.
    • Reader: fixed issue related to displaying images found in content.
    • Live Shortcodes: fixed bug related to quotes in shortcode arguments.
    • WP Mega Menu: fixed issue with export not working correctly.
    • Cloner/New Blog Templates: improved support for cloning extra data stored for menus.
  • Themes Updates:
    • Diamond: Fixed error while opening Customizer.