Updates: June 25, 2019

Published Updates:  June 13, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates
    • Signup TOS: Fixed possible compatibility issues with SSO.
    • Classes: Added Super Teacher functionality that allows selected users to access all class and student blogs as teacher.
    • Global Search Widget: Disabled Global search Widgets on sub sites.
    • Admin Bar Settings: Changed behavior so logged in users that are not part of blog are treated as subscribers.
    • User Switching: Updated to 1.5.0.

Upcoming Updates:  June 25, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates
    • Google Analytics +: Stats loading performance improved.
    • Admin Bar Settings: Changed behavior so logged in super admins that are not part of blog are treated as administrators.
    • Polylang: Updated to 2.5.4.
    • Avatars: Fixed broken default avatars.
  • WP Updates
    • Mailing Function: custom version has been removed so WordPress built-in function will be used instead.