Updates: July 09, 2019

Published Updates:  June 25, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates
    • Google Analytics +: Stats loading performance improved.
    • Admin Bar Settings: Changed behavior so logged in super admins that are not part of blog are treated as administrators.
    • Polylang: Updated to 2.5.4.
    • Avatars: Fixed broken default avatars.
  • WP Updates
    • Mailing Function: custom version has been removed so WordPress built-in function will be used instead.

Upcoming Updates:  July 09, 2019:

  • Plugins Updates
    • Default Theme: Changed the way default theme is set so its more reliable.
    • Subscribe By Email: Removed auto opt-in option and switched from Captcha v2 to v3 so nothing needs to be checked before submitting.
    • Advanced Network Settings: Added support for setting “X-Frame-Options” header.
    • Blogs & User Creator: Changed the way features are hidden when disabled so they are not visible at all.
    • Join Multisite: Added ability to disable blog creation options for invite link.
  • Theme Updates
    • CoursePress: Fixed header image issues.
    • Freak: Fixed possible WSD on 404 page.
    • Fictive: Fixed gravatar customizer setting not being respected.
    • Twenty Ten: Updated to 2.9.
    • Twenty Eleven: updated to 3.3.
    • Twenty Twelve: Updated to 3.0.
    • Twenty Fifteen: Updated to 2.5.
    • Twenty Sixteen: Updated to 2.0.
    • Twenty Seventeen: Updated to 2.2
    • Twenty Nineteen: Updated to 1.4.