Plugin Updates:

  • Batch Create: Reduce the amount of information added to the logs so it provides more meaningful information.
  • Content monitor: Change of text in Settings > Content monitor in network admin to provide better explanation of how used and text changed in email sent to say “The following post has been flagged as possibly containing a banned word:”
  • Live shortcode: Fix issue with Live Shortcode Preview in block editor due to compatiblity with WordPress 5.8.3.
  • Reports & Batch Edits: Option to index by site ID range has been added to Reports & Batch Edits. Designed for use on larger CampusPress networks to allow super admins to index by a site ID range rather than date range.
  • Review Notifications: Changed to trigger an email if any one is able to create posts saves a draft post or submit posts as pending. Adjusted for group sites so that notifications are sent regardless of an individual’s access level. Previously only sent email notification for contributors who submitted posts as pending.
  • Sign up and Invites: Fix issue with the sign up form when you open the modal pop up wiht the “Log in” button, close the pop up and then click “Create your site” again the popup doesn’t appear the second time.
  • Simply Snow: Plugin is being depreciated. You will no longer see the plugin listed in Plugin Management. The plugin will remain activated on sites that have it enabled and if you need it deactivated on a site you need to email

New Plugins:

  • Search Filter: Simple search and filter plugin added to Plugins > Plugin Management in network admin and is set to super admin users only can activate. Change to all users if you want your users to be able to use.