Updates: 2018 Week 18

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

Plugin Updates:

  • Subscribe By Email – Added reCAPTCHA to signup forms. Added accessibility improvements. Improved styling and labels.
  • Polldady – Fixed issue with empty settings page

New Plugin:

  • Scroll to Top – adds a Scroll Up button to your site that allows readers to go back to the top of the page with just a click.

This is set to Super admin users only in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard.  To enable access for all users you need to change to All Users.

New Support documentation:

Updates: May 8

The following updates will be applied to all CampusPress networks on May 8, 2018 during the weekly change window:

Plugin Updates:

  • Network Admin Scripts – improved performance and added ability to activate/deactivate plugins
  • Formidable – fixed issue with uploaded files while editing entries
  • Editorial Access Manager: Allow page editing access
  • Advanced importer – network activated on all networks by default

New themes:

The following new accessibility-ready themes will be uploaded:

  • Catch box
  • Maisha Live
  • Pena Lite
  • Period- pending latest fixes
  • Veggie Lite
  • Popper