Updates: 2018 Week 13

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

General Updates:

  • Add fix to help with possible HTTPs issues caused by differences in protocols for the themes Cherry Blossom, Franklin, Griffin and Obscura.
  • Fix ability to dismiss network messages in the admin area.
  • Force noreply email to be used in formidable forms submissions so plugin works like it did prior to the Formidable Forms upgrade to version 2.05.08
  • Add Calendar+ integration into the theme Hemingway 2014

Theme Updates:

  • Add support for custom header image to the theme Mesocolumn.
  • Add additional CSS to customizer in the theme Unlimited.  Additional CSS option is only visible to a super admin user.
  • Upgrade the theme Star to version 1.10, add ability to view submenus on mobiles and fix screen reader class).