Updates: 2018 Week 12

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

Plugin updates:

  • Divi Accessibility plugin updated to version 1.2.0
  • Fix issue with CSV imports that have checkboxes for Formidable forms.
  • Improve responsiveness of network messages.
  • Accessibility improvements to MetaSlider.
  • Default CSS improvement for formidable forms to add missing styling for calendar view on new sites where style settings were never saved.
  • Improve image file removal from Ultimate Branding when a file is deleted.

General Updates:

  • Make sender header optional for mail server.

New Plugin:

  • SEO Settings for Archive Pages.  A new menu item Settings > SEO Archive Settings is added in network admin when the plugin is network activated in Plugin Management and is used to discourage search engines from indexing specific pages.  Settings selected are applied to all sites on the network.