Updates: 11 Aug, 2020

Plugin Updates:

  • A to Z List: accessibility improvements.
  • Dogo Content Widget: additional accessibility improvements.
  • Metaslider: updated from 3.7.2 to 3.16.4 and includes accessibility improvements.
  • My Sites: improvements to Dashboard > My Sites to closer match how My Class > Student blogs works to make it easier for users associated with a large number of sites to search and manage their sites.
  • Post Expirator: Hide Diagnostics and View Debug Logs tabs in Settings > Post Expirator.
  • Subscribe by email: Additional protection added to email header to address software like Microsoft Office feature “ATP – Advanced Threat Protection“ and their Office Suite internal mechanism which scan all the links in emails and were causing random unsubscribing from post notification emails. Force Subscribe by widget to send confirmation email if the widget was originally configured to add subscribers without a confirmation email.
  • Wiki: accessibility improvements.

Theme Updates: