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Meet A Few Of Our Customers

CampusPress’ services are ideal for any college or university website. If it needs a web presence, we’re probably already hosting and taking care of a site just like it. For news, magazines, alumni, departments, emergency communications, athletics, and more.

The Original Experts

We’ve been hosting, managing, and scaling WordPress Multisite since the beginning of WordPress (2005!).

Out of the box, we provide the plugins, themes, support, and ongoing maintenance required to meet all of your web needs.

See our Customer Showcase for examples of sites we host.

Code Management

We become part (or all!) of your development team.

Much more than just a hosting provider, we will manually review all of your plugins and themes for performance and security. We also handle the quality assurance and testing for updates and upgrades.

View our Developer Docs and Code Guidelines.

Built-in Tools

No more need to go plugin shopping or hunt down the best way to do something in WordPress.

All sites we host come with our extensive plugin and feature set, including domain mapping, network management tools, dozens of plugins, and more. 

See all of our reviewed and approved plugins.

Around-The-Clock Support

24/7 access to our team via email and live chat in Slack.

In addition to ‘Super Administrator’ support, we can be your front-line help desk to assist faculty, staff, or students directly. We also provide training and detailed docs right inside the WordPress dashboard.

See all of our detailed support documentation here.


See It In Action

We work with thousands of college and universities around the globe.

Our showcase highlights just a few.


  How is this better than just WordPress?

We include way better tools for moderation, content filtering, network administration, and privacy baked right in. This includes dozens of plugins and hundreds of themes that are fully supported by our team. Plus, no headaches, no down time, and no upgrades to manage.

  What if we already use WordPress?

Even better! We have migrated dozens of networks that started off self-hosting but needed to switch services as their platforms grew. With our focus on the security and scalability of your network, we’ll plan out a migration timeline and review your current network to ensure a smooth transition.

  What about hosting, safety, and security?

Our server network is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers and we employ the latest technologies and monitoring resources available to keep everything running smoothly and out of harms way. Our cache and performance optimization tools in place keep everything fast too – so go viral, we can handle the traffic! See more on our hosting and security guide.

  What single-sign-on options are available?

At no extra cost, we can authenticate using Active Directory, Shibboleth (we’re a member of the InCommon Federation), CAS, and several other custom SSO solutions. Learn more here about our authentication options.

  How is support provided?

We will work with you to meet your needs, including setting up web-based or in-person trainings, handling all teacher/faculty support directly, and much more. Interactive support content and access to our help desk is found right inside the WordPress dashboard, including videos and other helpful resources.

  How much does CampusPress cost?

Pricing starts at $2,000 USD per year and depends on full time enrollment and the type of sites to be hosted. We are able to create a no-obligation quote with just a few short questions answered. Just request a quote and we’ll get you sorted quickly.

Other Services We Provide

Let us know about any particular project or ways we can help…


Over half of our customers move existing sites and networks to us.

Custom Themes

We can take designs to make themes and can take on plugin projects too.


Both in-person and virtual options are available – tailored to your needs.

Site Reviews

We’ll evaluate (and help mitigate) for performance, accessibility, and security.

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