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4 Ways to Maximize Student Participation in Online Learning

[…] participation by making creative use of your school/class website. Online learning platforms are a great way to boost participation since it gives more introverted students a more subtle platform through which to voice their opinions and gives your extroverted students an additional place to express themselves.  Classroom sites can foster discussion beyond the classroom. […] …

6 Tips for Facilitating Online Discussions With Students

Thanks to e-learning technologies, online education has made it easier for teachers and students to connect all around the globe. Although virtual classrooms certainly have their advantages, they aren’t without fault. Fortunately, teaching your students through an online platform can be just as successful and engaging as if you were in a traditional classroom. […] …

An In-Depth Look at School Fundraising Websites and Giving Opportunities

We know that raising money for your school is vital. Events such as fairs and sponsored walks can help but require high attendance levels. Fundraising sites offer an opportunity to create ongoing campaigns that can attract a wider audience of donors. Fortunately, there are a lot of giving and fundraising platforms you can choose from…….

Best Teacher Websites In Time Of Remote Learning

[…] at teacher blogs and websites that are currently being used as part of remote learning programs. We have examples from all age groups and a variety of subject areas. If you have any examples to share, we’d love you to leave a comment. Kindergarten (Learning Stories) URL: Year level: PreK-K1 (age 3-5) Location: Nanjing International […] …