New Super Admin Scripts and Batch Updates

Boy do we have some exciting new features to share!

Super Admin users now have several new and improved tools to help make managing networks easier.

Let’s dig in…

Scripts, Stats, and Reports



In the Network Admin, navigate to Dashboard > Scripts.

Here, Super Admins will find it easy to generate and download CSV reports for the following:

  • All Users (ID, username, email, name, date created, # of sites, and authentication type)
  • All Blogs (ID, url, admin email, # of users, # of posts, # of pages, date created, date last updated, status)
  • Theme Usage (a list of which themes are used on which sites)
  • Plugin Usage (a list of which plugins are used on which sites)

You will need to index all sites to generate reports. Larger networks (more than 1,000 blogs/sites) may wish to filter by date created in order to speed up indexing speed. Reports on even larger networks (5,000+ sites) may not be complete unless a filter is used, due to the amount of data.

Batch Archive, Delete, And Change Privacy

Once you run the scripts and have data, now the real fun can begin.

Click on the Batch Edits tab on the Scripts page.

Here you can batch:

  • archive sites
  • delete sites
  • delete users
  • remove users from all sites (but not delete them)
  • and change the privacy setting of sites

Simply paste the username, url, or ID of what you want to change and the system will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

We encourage Super Admins to test this feature in small groups (one or two) first to make sure everything is working as you intend.

Feedback And Support

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on the new features or if we can help in any way.

We look forward to more improvements to come!