May 26, 2015 – New Shortcode Plugin and Other Updates

The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks today:

  • A new “Live Shortcodes” plugin has been added which makes it easy to and add buttons, accordians, rss feeds, and more to posts and pages. This plugin works great, but should be considered in ‘beta’ as new features will be regularly added over the coming weeks and months. The plugin must be made available by Super Admins in the Plugins menu in the network admin.
  • The ‘MediaCore’ plugin now allows the Super Admin to add the MediaCore URL for all sites in a network settings page.
  • The ‘Subscribe By Email’ feature now will strip out any shortcodes in email notifications for a better user experience.
  • The ‘Clone’ and ‘New Blog Templates’ tool will better handle replacing original image URLs in posts and pages upon site creation.
  • The ‘Jetpack’ plugin has been upgraded to version 3.5.3 (a security update).