January 19, 2015 – New User Reports and Other Updates

The following changes and updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks: For End Users

  • New! User Reports. Visit Plugins > Plugin Management in Network Admin to enable for “All Users”. Then, once activated on a site, go to Users > Reports to generate reports of comments and posts, which can then be downloaded as a PDF or CSV. Let us know if you’d like this plugin network activated and auto-enabled for all sites.
  • Updated: The Supreme Google Web Fonts plugin now has a list of available fonts to enable/disable under Settings > Writing.
  • Updated: The Easy Tables plugin now has the table buttons combined into one new Table icon for a much cleaner user experience. See the User Guide here.

For Super Administrators

  • New! Beta Super Admin Reports. We must enable this feature for you, but one enabled, you can now create downloadable reports of user, theme, and plugin usage information. Please contact us to enable this beta feature (still under development) for you.
  • Also please note that in order to improve the experience of Super Administrators, we are in the process of moving settings, options, and combining menu items in the Network Admin area around. We’ll continue to update our documentation, but please contact us if you aren’t able to find what you are used to or have any feedback at all.