Change Log

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  • Updates: Oct 27, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Duplicate Post: Fixed potential issues with duplication loop.
    • WP SEO: Updated from 0.9.0 to 0.13.0.

    New Plugin:

    • Bulk Media Downloader: Select, zip and download multiple media files at the same time from your media library.

    Theme Updates:

    • SSL Fix: Address issue with posting comments related to SSL with some themes.

    Plugin deprecation:

    The following plugins are being depreciated and will no longer appear in Plugins > All Users in the dashboard of sites or in Plugin Management in network admin. These plugins will remain activated on sites currently using the plugin. Users will be able to deactivate the plugin.

    Our goal is to depreciate less popular plugins and plugins no longer needed while focusing on providing as many plugins as possible that are accessible on the front end.

    • Category posts in custom menu: Limited usage.
    • Divi Tab Navigation: part of Divi Accessibility plugin.
    • Draw Attention: Free version is very limited and isn’t accessible. Paid version can be uploaded as custom plugin on request.
    • Easy Tables (MCE Table Buttons): Functionality now provided by the block editor.
    • Feedburner
    • Google Maps Pro: requires clients to set up own API and add credit card to configure.
    • PayPal Donations
    • Post Type Order: not accessible in dashboard.
    • Print Posts and Pages: not accessible on front end.
    • RSS Just Better
    • Scheduled Content
    • Supreme Webfonts
    • Visual Editor Widget (black-studio-tinymce-widget): Functionality now provided by the block editor.
    • WP Contact Form
    • Zotero

    Plugin Removal:

    The following plugins which were depreciated over a year ago will be removed from all CampusPress networks:

    • Communities
    • Compfight
    • Messaging
    • Podcasting
    • Submission Form Creator (dd-formmailer)
    • Tag Cloud (WP Cumulus)
    • Friends
  • Updates: 20 Oct, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Advanced Network Settings: Add Content Security Policy and X-Content-Type-Options Header options.
    • Jetpack: Upgrade from 7.9.1 to 9.0.2.
    • Posts & Pages Restriction: Add password protection option. Password stored in cookies for 2 days. Works on domain mapped sites.
    • Simple Tool tips: Accessibility improvements.
    • TablePress: upgrade from 1.11 to 1.12.
  • Updates: 13 Oct, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Admin Bar: Allow super admin users to access Settings > Admin bar in network admin dashboard. Controls who sees the admin bar on all sites across your entire CampusPress network.
    • Forums (bbPress): Upgrade from 2.5.14 to 2.6.5.
    • My Blog Dashboard Widget: text change from My Blog to My Sites. This widget is only displayed if Reader location set to submenu.
    • Signup & Invites (formerly known as Join Multisite): Fixed error message “Sorry, that site is reserved!” if an existing user tried to create a site with the same URL as their username using the sign up form.

    Theme Updates:

  • Updates: 6 Oct, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Advanced Network Settings plugin: adds an option to allow contributors to create and submit pages for review (default WordPress is contributors can only submit posts pending review and can’t publish posts).
    • Jetpack: enable top posts module.
    • Join Multisite: menu item changed from Settings > Join Multisite to Settings > Signups & Invites and help text improvements.
    • Polylang: updated from 2.5.4 to 2.7.4
    • Safe Redirect Manager: updated from 1.8 to 1.9.3.
    • Shibboleth: updated from 3.0.8 to 3.1.


  • Updates: 29 Sept, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Audit log: Increase the number of requests to display the last 5,000 entries; Change the action column information to more user friendly information.
    • Canvas/Blackboard LTI integration: Fix issue that WordPress allows emails to use uppercase letters which Canvas doesn’t support.
    • Jetpack: Block sending plugin and theme data to

    Theme Updates: