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  • Updates: Jan 19, 2021

    Plugin Updates:

    • Advanced Settings: Disable changing order in search results to fix an issue with Custom Post Order: All Post Types affecting search results.
    • Batch Create: Add support for www in the main site URL.
    • Forums: Fix issue with notifying participants in forums of follow up replies and new topics.
    • My Class: Lockdown custom post types if a teacher unselects Add/Edit Custom Post Types in My Class > Settings.
    • Print Posts and Pages: Accessibility fixes and removed from plugin depreciation list.
    • Divi Builder: 4.7.7 update.

    Plugin Updates:

    • Divi: 4.7.7 update.
    • Extra 4.7.7 update.

    Additional file types:

    zip, rar, ttf, otf, woff and woff2

  • WordPress Core Update – 5.6

    As of January 6th, 2021, sites have been updated to version 5.6. Customers on ‘dedicated clusters’ will be contacted to schedule this upgrade in the coming days. This release has no real impact on user experience or documentation needs. It includes many accessibility fixes for the post/page editor, default lazy loading of images for improved performance, and behind the scenes support getting ready for PHP 8.

  • Updates: Dec 1, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Jetpack: Add subscription module so site visitors can subscribe to follow up comments or new posts by email.
    • Subscribe by email: reCapcha Version 3 integration improvements.
    • Divi Builder: Add support for font upload.

    Theme Updates:

    • Divi, Extra: Add support for font upload.
  • Updates: Nov 10, 2020

    Plugin Updates:

    • Divi Accessibility: fix so escape closes opened submenu.
    • LMS Integration: Fix issue with special characters such as accents in student names.
    • My Class – fix issue with template site being applied to student blog when teacher selected option in My Class > Settings.
  • WordPress Core Security Update

    As of November 1st, 2020, all sites have been updated to version 5.4.4 which includes all security patches and updates discussed here.