The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

User Reports

The following major changes have been made to how user reports work:

  • User list dropdown menu removed – long user list weren’t scrollable which affected the ability to run reports for individual users on the Users > Report page.
  • Date range changed to monthly – needed for handling large numbers of student blogs attached to class blogs.
  • Report is now generated for all users attached to the blog.
  • Clicking on Reports under a username loads the post (or comments) lists.
  • User list added.
  • All reports can be downloaded as a CSV – for teachers to add their notes.

Refer to User report support documentation for more detailed information.

Plugin Updates

  • Help and Support plugin – general improvements.  This plugin enables your users to contact your support team from directly inside their dashboard.  Network activate in Plugins > Plugin Management and configure in Settings > Help & Support in network admin dashboard.
  • Live shortcode plugin – WordPress 4.7 TinyMCE improvements to fix some issues with the TinyMCE interface not showing in Live Shortcode editor.
  • Reader – Makes the Reader search work for private blogs when “Should posts from Private Sites be included in reader” is set to “Yes, include posts from all sites” in Settings > Reader in the network admin dashboard.
  • Subscribe by email – general improvements.

The Live Shortcode plugin is one of our most powerful plugins for adding functionality such as:

Refer to Live Shortcode support documentation for more detailed information.

Theme Updates

  • Ample theme – updated to latest version which includes more customization options.
  • Autofocus theme – general improvements.
  • Cute Frame theme – fix issue with static frontpage styling.
  • White theme – fix missing slider arrows and slider styles.