Published Updates: September 4, 2018:

  • Plugin Updates:
    • Meta Slider – Updated to version 3.7.2.
    • Formidable – fixed bug that can cause “Contact Us” form duplication.
    • Subscribe By Email – added compatibility with domain mapping so its used with links in email.
  • Plugin deprecation:
    • Messaging – Plugin will be automatically deactivated.
    • Communities – Plugin will be automatically deactivated.
    • Friends – Plugin will be automatically deactivated.

Upcoming Updates: September 11, 2018:

The following updates will be applied to all CampusPress networks on September 11, 2018, during the weekly change window:

  • Plugin Updates:
    • Subscribe By Email – scripts & styles load improvements.
    • Batch Create – improved error handling and improved assigning users to blog so it works by email as well.
    • Ultimate Branding – stopped network wide favicon from loading when its configured on site.
    • Reader – improved improvements and added new Reader dashboard widgets module.