The following updates have been made to all CampusPress networks:

Plugins update:

  • Classes plugin:
    • Improved user interface in My Class > Create Student blogs and My Class > Create Student Users
    • Improved user interface in My Class > Student blogs
    • Added ability to search for student blogs by blog title or blog name in My Class > Student blogs
    • Hide Users > Blog & User creator on blogs using My Class.

General updates:

  • Sitemaps plugin – when network activatedd main site’s sitemap has links to sitemaps of all public sites on the network. Network site support works only for networks with less than 1,000 blogs that are subdirectory.  Sitemap is now accessible with /sitemap.xml url
  • Network messages – better precision when checking start/end dates

Latest Support Documentation:

The following new support documentation has been added to Edublogs User Guide: