The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

New Plugin

  • Image Optimizer (beta)
    • Resizes and optimizes images as the image uploads.
    • png will get converted to jpg, resized and compressed; jpg just resized and compressed. In process resized to max width 1920 and max height 1920.
    • png will only get converted when there is no transparency in them.
    • Image rotation fixer.  Automatically fixes the rotation of images taken on smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.
  • Mathematica Toolbox
    • A “toolbox” of shortcodes for people who write articles about Mathematica code/the Wolfram Language. Includes source code highlighting for Mathematica code/Wolfram Language, automated CDF embedding, Wolfram Cloud API utility shortcode, and a seamless cached interface to
    • The Mathematica Toolbox is set to Super admin users only in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard.  To enable access for all users you need to change to All Users.

Plugin Update

  • Batch Create – improved text in Sites > Batch Create.
  • Forums – bbPress mods tweak.
  • Google Analytics – fix to address changes in Google API.
  • Advanced Settings  – added the ability to enable copy protection i.e. Attempt to stop visitors from downloading files that are on your site.

General Updates

  • Remove storage usage message from Media library.