The following updates have been applied to all CampusPress networks:

WordPress Importer service:

We’ve developed a WordPress importer service designed to improve imports into CampusPress networks.  The import is processed in the background and enables you to continue working on your site while the import file is being processed.

To access the WordPress importer service you need to enable the Advanced WordPress importer plugin and then click on Run Importer under Advanced Importer in Tools > Import.

WordPress importer

The Advanced WordPress Importer plugin is set to Super admin users only in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard.  To enable access for all users you need to change to All Users.

General updates:

  • WordPress importer – importer upgrade and disable file size check to help media file imports.
  • Super admin scripts – small bug fix.
  • Anti spam words – updated anti-spam words.
  • Footer content – general improvement.
  • Simple SEO – enable 301 redirection on single posts.
  • Batch Create – small bug fix.

Theme updates:

  • Omega theme – added full-width basic support.