April 7, 2015 – Updates to Forums, Google Analytics, and Super Admin Roles

The following changes have been applied to all CampusPress networks today:

  • Update to Google Analytics due to changes in the Google API. This will require Super Admins and any end user to re-authenticate their account in order to show in dashboard stats. Tracking code will continue to work until the re-authentication is complete. Please contact us with any questions. You will see notifications in your dashboard with more information.
  • We’ve introduced a new “Support – Super Admin” role with less overall permissions. This is ideal for those that need access to all sites on the network, but they won’t be able to change network-wide settings. Our team can help change the permission of any user and are happy to explain the differences in levels. Documentation will be updated later this week and linked to from here.
  • We’ve converted the old Forums plugin to bbPress – bringing along with it many more forums features for users. All existing forums are automatically converted to new bbPress forums.
  • Usernames can now be created that are only 3 characters long (previously required minimum of 4 characters).
  • Update to the Divi Theme – this is code efficiency changes only. No user experience or design changes.