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for WordPress and WordPress Multisite.


A full CMS for all your web needs


Let us take care of your school, district or university website. We are experts in networks for faculty, department and student organization sites too.

All themes are mobile friendly, pass accessibility guidelines and are optimized for speed and SEO.

Learning Platforms

Course blogs, ePortfolios, student projects & more


Since 2005, we’ve powered WordPress Multisite networks for educational institutions around the world.

If you are looking to provide a stable, secure and hassle-free WordPress based learning network for your teachers and students, nobody has more experience to share.

Enterprise Level Hosting

Since 2005, we’ve hosted and managed WordPress for thousands of educational institutions around the globe.

Each site is hosted on top-of-the-line auto-scaling containers with load balancing and redundancy. All finely-tuned for high performance and reliability. 

We average greater than 99.99% availability

Updates & Maintenance

Absolutely nobody has more experience with updating and managing WordPress sites for education than we do.

You can rest assured that your sites will always be running smoothly – protected, updated, monitored and above all, safe. That’s our promise.

Fully managed…we ensure your WordPress sites are always up to date

Making WordPress Better

Every site we host comes with built-in administration and management features specifically created to make your life easier, including default templates, usage reports, monitoring settings and more.

In addition to multiple privacy options, curated and vetted plugins and themes, we’ll even develop, test and implement custom code for you.

We’re constantly developing and adding features you’ll love, tailored for education

Training & Support

Support is a really big deal for us. Not just WordPress support either, but supporting any project you can imagine being built with CampusPress.

Founded by and staffed by teachers, Edublogs and CampusPress will provide not only great training, webinars and 24/7 support, but also help you do whatever you want with your sites.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled technical and pedagogical client support

Design & Customization

Give us a design or your branding resources, and we’ll customize for you a fully functional WordPress theme, which we’ll maintain for you indefinitely too.

We also provide over 300+ themes to choose from, and we’ll help with testing, fixing, tweaking and uploading any custom theme you like.

With CampusPress, you get our entire team of designers and UI experts

Case Studies

Columbia University

We help the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provide the opportunity for every course on campus to have a blog.

View Columbia’s Story

North East ISD

The San Antonio, Texas area school district provides blogs, ePortfolios and newspaper sites to all teachers in the district.

View NEISD’s Story

Global2 – Victoria

The Global2 network provides blogs and websites to all Government and Catholic schools in the state of Victoria, Australia.

View Global2’s Story

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne had been hosting WordPress Multisite internally before migrating to CampusPress for ongoing support.

View Unimelb’s Story

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