The Complete Guide To Student Digital Portfolios

The Complete Guide To Student Digital Portfolios by Ronnie Burt and Kathleen Morris Last updated on September 12, 2020 Digital portfolios can revolutionize the teaching and learning process. This complete guide to student ePortfolios answers many questions you may have, from the academic benefits of portfolios, the platform to use, to ongoing management, and how […] …

Using Your School Website to Support Home Learning

[…] use to manage and enhance home learning.
CampusPress comes with a built-in social network to help you manage learning
I’ll cover:

Setting up an effective home learning system
Keeping it updated
Using your online system to communicate with students
Encouraging students to interact online while completing home learning
Administering tests and assessments
Providing information and support for parents

Let’s start by looking at how […] …

7 Examples of WordPress Multisite in Education

There’s a lot that goes into running an educational website that’s secure, accessible, and optimized for various user roles. However, universities or schools often need many sites, perhaps even hundreds or thousands, to cater for all their different departments, staff and students. Managing a large number of sites in separate, isolated environments is inefficient. WordPress […] …

6 Reasons To Include A Blog On Your University Website

[…] interested in this college can see the cutting-edge research Ph.D. candidates are conducting and feel encouraged about the program’s opportunities. 

Colorado State University’s ValuED blog, is geared toward online students. Its categories cover e-learning and training as well as career development:

This is a solid example of how a university can use a blog to help […] …

An Introduction to Web Governance for Higher Education Sites

[…] education website where there are specific criteria to adhere to regarding the privacy of student data.

A web governance plan can help you establish and maintain an effective online presence for your college or university. Having a solid framework helps you create, control, and oversee web management processes in a meaningful way. 

In this post, we’ll […] …

10 Great School Websites Built With WordPress

[…] emails asking about upcoming events and school policies etc.Promoting the school to prospective families. You can showcase what makes your school special and encourage future enrollments.Providing an online hub. Your website can be your school’s virtual home that links to all your other online spaces such as social media accounts and learning management systems. […] …