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WordPress Core Update – 5.8.2

WordPress core will be updated to 5.8.2 from January 4, 2022. Customers on dedicated clusters will be contacted to schedule this upgrade. This version of WordPress uses the block editor in the widgets screen. The new block editor in the widgets screen is only enabled for those using the block editor. The Classic Widgets plugin…Continue Reading WordPress Core Update – 5.8.2

Updates: Dec 14, 2021

Plugin Updates: Branding: Improved clearing of favicon cache but the favicon can still be cached in your browser. My Class: Option added to Settings > Classes to hide privacy options on My Class page from teachers. This option is used if Block access is selected in Settings > Privacy in network admin dashboard. Review notification:…Continue Reading Updates: Dec 14, 2021

Updates: Nov 2, 2021

Plugin Updates: Advanced Custom Field Pro: Upgrade from 5.9.5 to 5.10.2. Cloner and New Site Template: performance improvement for better support of the cloning of custom menus that have a large number of menu items. The following plugins are being depreciated and will be deactivated: Global Site Categories: adds global tag cloud on your main…Continue Reading Updates: Nov 2, 2021

Updates: Oct 12, 2021

Plugin Updates: Batch create: Add message if batch create stops to alert super admin to restart process. Improve logs to make more meaningful. Blogger Importer: fix issue with importer error “There was a problem importing your content.” Multisite theme manager: fix showcase issue. Network Messages: fix issue with network messages not displaying properly in block…Continue Reading Updates: Oct 12, 2021

Updates: Sept 28, 2021

Plugin Updates: Join Multisite: Accessibility improvements. Reports and Batch Edit: fix issue with site not being included in the site list report of the theme on the site is blank or broken. Tips: Fix issue with Tip content would append a backslash “\” when saved words with an apostrophe….Continue Reading Updates: Sept 28, 2021

Updates: July 13, 2021

Plugin Updates: Divi Builder: updated from 4.8.2 to 4.9.6. Formidable reCAPTCHA V3: remove option to attach files to emails if form includes file upload. Live shortcode: added option to specify post parent for latest posts and accessibility improvement to Tabs for screen readers. Media Tree: added option to filter media by category in Media >…Continue Reading Updates: July 13, 2021

Updates: June 22, 2021

WordPress Core: WordPress core will be updated to 5.7.2. This update is already live on all test and sandbox networks for customers that have these additional networks. No changes are needed or problems expected with any custom plugins or themes, and this release has been fully tested for our bundled plugins and themes….Continue Reading Updates: June 22, 2021