Published Updates: March 10, 2020:

  • Plugins Updates:
    • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: updated to 3.5.2.
    • Menu Icons: updated to 0.12.2.
    • CoursePress: marked as deprecated. Activating plugin will be impossible.
    • Reader: fixed issue related to displaying images found in content.
    • Live Shortcodes: fixed bug related to quotes in shortcode arguments.
    • WP Mega Menu: fixed issue with export not working correctly.
    • Cloner/New Blog Templates: improved support for cloning extra data stored for menus.
  • Themes Updates:
    • Diamond: Fixed error while opening Customizer.

Upcoming Updates:  March 24, 2020 (Postponed):

The following updates scheduled for March 24, 2020 have been postponed as we are putting a pause on any non-security or essential bug fix updates for at least the next several weeks, as to minimize any potential for taking your time and resources away from more important efforts. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Plugins Updates:
    • Display Name Enhancements: moved to being network only plugin.
    • Lock Posts: marked as deprecated. Activating plugin will be impossible.
    • Duplicated Posts: updated from 3.2.2 to 3.2.4.
    • Network Scripts: enabled ability to count number of entries in custom tables.
  • WP Updates:
    • Caching: improvements to caching for logged out users (changes done to page or post should be visible immediately).
    • Pingbacks: disabled.
  • Themes Removed:
    • Following themes were deprecated on 07.07.2015 and now are being removed:
      WPMU Triden, WPMU Nelo, WPMU Dixi, WPII Silver, WP Andreas, White as Milk, Waterlily, Vistered little, Veryplaintxt, Vertigo 3 column, Twilight, Twenty Eight, Tropicala, Trevilian Way, Thoughts, Thematic, Terrafirma, Technical Speech, Tarski, Sweet Blossoms, Sumenep, Suhweet, Stripedplus, Strange Little Town, Steam, Solipsus, Skinbu, Simplr, Simpla, Seashore, Runo Lite, Rubric, Roundflow, Retweet, Regulus, Redoable, Reaching Darkness, Radmod, Quentin, Quadruple Blue, Primitivo, Primepress, Pressrow, Pool, Pixel, Pink Kupy, P2, Oceanwide, Oceanmist, Ocadia, Northern Web Coders, Nikynik Blue, Newsportal, Mystique, Monotone, Mistylook, Minimalist, Manja, Mandigo, Magazeen, Light, Letterhead, Letoprime, Kubrick, K2, Jq, Journalist, Japan Style, Jakarta, Iblog, Home, Hero, Hemingway, Gridlock Theme, Greenery, Greenday, Green Marinee, Grassland, Gonzo Daily, Golfpr, Glossyblue, Gloriousday, Gentle Calm, Genkitheme, Garland, Freshy, Fresh Bananas, Frametheme, Flex, Fjords, Fauna, Falling Dreams, Fadtastic, Emptiness, Edu Campus, Doc, Dixiebelle, Dignity, Digg 3 Col:removed Diary Cute, Deichnetz, Default, Deep Blue, Daydream, Daisyraegemini, Cutline, Cropcircles, Cordobo Green Park, Copyblogger, Contempt, Connections, Colorpaper, Color Splash, Cleantidy, Classic, Chaoticsoul, Cellar Heat, Bp Default, Borderlinechaos, Bonpress, Bluebird, Blue Zinfandel Enhanced, Blue Moon, Blogtheme, Blix, Blakmagik, Benevolence, Batavia, Arclite, Anubis, Andreas09, Anarchy, Ambiru, Almost Spring, 72class.