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3 Ways You Can Use Content Marketing To Boost Inbound Traffic to Your School Website

[…] their progress to your institution. Content marketing can also be used to boost your search rankings as part of your SEO strategy. The more material you have online, the greater the chances are that other sources will link to your content and it will show up in Google’s search results. Inbound links are a […] …

Run a Class Blog? Here’s How to Keep on Blogging Without Losing Steam

[…] co-ordinationg content. You might want to rotate blog responsibility between groups of students each month so everyone gets a chance, or run competitions which require students to submit content for the blog. Our interface lets you give your students Author access to your blog, meaning that they can write posts but can’t publish them. […] …

Your Complete Guide to Starting a Course Blog

Your Complete Guide to Starting a Course Blog by CampusPress Last updated on December 6, 2019 Starting a course blog is a simple way to provide an enhanced learning environment for you and your students. An effective course blog can increase transparency and engagement, facilitate collaboration and creativity, and help improve communication and development. In……

Updates: June 13 , 2019

Published Updates: May 28, 2019: Plugins Updates Join Multisite: Added Support for blog templates and class invite code while creating blogs when logged in. Duplicate Post: Updated to 3.2.2. Formidable: Updated to 3.06. Blog Categories: Fixed possible PHP 7 compatibility issue. New Blog Templates & Cloner: Improved S3 compatibility. TablePress: Integrated “Responsive Tables” extension into the plugin….