This support documentation only applies to resetting local user accounts.

User passwords are managed by your single-sign-on system if you are using one of our authentication options, such as LDAPGoogle Apps, or Shibboleth.

For security reasons user passwords are encrypted and can’t be viewed by any one.  Forgotten passwords needs to be reset by the user using the lost password link or can be manually reset by a super admin user on CampusPress network.

Reset user password

You reset a user’s password as a super admin user as follows:

1. Go to the Network Admin dashboard.
Network admin dashboard
2.  Locate the user by searching the person’s username or email address using ‘Search User‘ on the Right Now module.

  • If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a username you can add an asterisk to the end of your search term to locate all usernames that include the search term.

Search Users
3.  Click on Edit link underneath their username.
Edit user
4.  Click on Generate Password.
Generate password
5.  The password reset window loads with an automatically generated password.
Auto generated password
You can either use this automatically generated password or replace it with your own password.
The automatically generated password from above has been replaced with own password in the example below.
New password

  • If the password is too weak you will be asked to confirm the use of weak password.
  • Using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols makes it hard for others to guess your password.
  • The strength indicator provides an indication of how good your password choice is!

6.  Click Update User.