Email addresses can be changed by the user or can be changed by a super admin user.

Change email address

You change a user’s email address as a super admin user as follows:

1. Go to the Network Admin dashboard.
Network admin dashboard
2.  Locate the user by searching the person’s username or email address using ‘Search User‘ on the Right Now module.

  • If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a username you can add an asterisk to the end of your search term to locate all usernames that include the search term.

Search Users
3.  Click on Edit link underneath their username.
Edit user
4.  Scroll down to email under contact info.
5.  Add the new email address.
Email address
6. Click Update User at the bottom of the page.

You can also use the edit link under a username in Users > All Users in the dashboard of a blog to change a user’s email address.

Email tips

If the email doesn’t change when you click Update User this means it is probably associated with another username.  Each e-mail address is a unique identifier for a username and only one email address can only be associated with a username.

You can check if  an email address is attached to an existing username by searching the email address using ‘Search User‘ on the Right Now module in the network admin dashboard.

If the email address is already being used with another username you’ll need to change the email address attached to the existing username to an alternative email address.

The email address associated with a username is used for password resets and for comment notification emails.  Comment moderation emails are sent to the blog admin address listed in Settings > General.