The Super Admin user is the person who looks after all network management on an CampusPress install.

The Super Admin user has the highest level of access and responsibility above a regular blog Administrator, and has complete control of your entire network.

Deciding who and how many users you assign as a Super Admin user requires the greatest consideration because they have the highest level of access and are able to make changes that affect the entire network. Mistakes made by a Super Admin user can have a significant impact on your network.

We recommend you limit the number of people who are super admin users to a few people.

CampusPress also has a support super admin user role. The support role has limited network admin access and is only able to access the Sites and Users menu items in network admin. Send an email to if you want a person added as a support super admin user.

Grant super admin privileges

You grant super admin privileges to a user as follows:

1. Go to the Network Admin dashboard.

Network admin dashboard

2.  Locate the user by searching the person’s username or email address using ‘Search User‘ on the Right Now module.

  • If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a username you can add an asterisk to the end of your search term to locate all usernames that include the search term.

Search Users

3.  Click on the Edit link under the person’s username.

Click on Edit

4.  Select the checkbox next to ‘Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network.’

Grant super admin access

5.  Scroll to bottom of page and click Update User.