Optional default network plugins only work if network activated in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin by a Super Admin.

Network Activate Plugin

You activate these plugins as follows:

1.  Go to Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard

.Plugin management

2.  Click on Network Activate next to the plugin you want to activate.

Classes plugin

Below is an overview of all optional network plugins available:


Helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes.

Blog Categories

Categorize the sites on your network in a directory to help your users easily find sites.

Blogs Directory

Provides a directory of all sites on your CampusPress network to help users easily find sites.


Ultimate tool for class and student blogging. It allows you to connect student blogs to your class blog where you can control the student blog privacy, comment moderation and post moderation on all student blogs with just one click.

Help and Support

Adds Help and Support pages to Edublogs websites

Kaltura Media Space

Used to connect with Kaltura Online Video Platform.

Log In Message

Add custom log in messages

Network Messages

Display a messages across the network on Dashboard and Front End

User Reports

A report tool to show user Post and Comment activity for a single site or across a network. Uses data collected by Post Indexer and Comment Indexer plugins.

User Switching

Enables a super admin user on a CampusPress network to easily switch to a user's account for user testing.