Optional default network plugins only work if network activated in Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin by a Super Admin.

Network Activate Plugin

You activate these plugins as follows:
1.  Go to Plugins > Plugin Management in the network admin dashboard
.Plugin management
2.  Click on Network Activate next to the plugin you want to activate.
Classes plugin

Below is an overview of all optional network plugins available:

[wmd-plugins-showcase hide_interface=”true” plugins=”user-switching/user-switching.php, all-in-one-video-pack/all_in_one_video_pack.php, blog-categories/blog-categories.php, blogs-directory/blogs-directory.php, classes/classes.php, help-and-support/help-and-support.php, login-mods/login-mods.php, admin-message/admin-message.php, user-reports/user-reports.php, user-switching/user-switching.php, wp-accessibility/wp-accessibility.php”]