We’ve partnered with Peer1 for our data center infrastructure, which also hosts many of the largest websites on the web.

State-of-the-art datacenters are staffed 24/7/365 and meet the highest levels of security and access, onsite backup power generators, fire suppression technology, and more.

In addition, we employ full time system admins who work with Peer1 to manage our servers, accounts, and day-to-day needs.

Peer1’s other clients range from Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies who require the highest quality network performance. These include, WordPress VIP,and more.

The CampusPress network team remotely handles all data server maintenance. The Peer1 team is onsite and available when needed.

More on Peer1’s data center and security certifications is found here.

Data Centers

We operate out of 3 data centers:

All 3 include state of the art security and backup systems and the highest levels of 3rd party certifications and accreditation.

Infrastructure & Architecture

Our fully managed network includes multiple web, database, and load balancing servers. We use Docker containers with Ansible to isolate each WordPress install from each other, while still allowing each site to benefit from the scalability that comes with our infrastructure. We’re also able to add, replace, and do maintenance on hardware without effecting performance or needing scheduled downtime.

File Storage

All images, documents, and other user uploads are encrypted and kept securely on Amazon S3 so that they are able to be served at much faster speeds using Amazon’s vast cloud network.

More on Amazon’s data center and security certifications is found here.

CloudFlare CDN, DDOS Protection, and Railgun

As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we make available their services at no additional costs to you to help protect and accelerate your website. Once enabled, CloudFlare has shown to help load sites we host twice as fast as without CloudFlare, and most importantly, provides increased protection from a range of online threats.

Learn more about CloudFlare’s features here.

Cache and Traffic Spikes

All text content on the public side is ‘cached’ automatically so that no matter how many visitors your site gets, speeds stay fast. We handle billions of pageviews each year, and are confident we can handle the largest of any sudden traffic spikes.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

There are multiple backup and replication processes in place.

All user files (images, documents, etc.) are uploaded to Amazon S3 services which includes being backed up automatically in two separate S3 buckets.

Networks are hosted on a cluster of multiple web and database servers for built in replication and redundancy.

Nightly database backups are encrypted and then stored with Amazon S3. Backups are kept for at least 7 days. Backups are verified and full restores are tested on a bi-weekly basis.

Peer1 also performs daily, weekly, and monthly backup images of all servers (stored remotely) that can be accessed by our team in case of an emergency. This process is tested on a monthly basis.

Database logs can be used to roll back or recreate content and data as well.

Restore times depend on the size of the WordPress network and the cause of the disaster, but full backup recovery should take no more than 24 hours.

General Security Info

The security and reliability of our service is our number one priority.

Please find general WordPress security documentation here.

In addition to the general WordPress security features, we have staff who perform daily checks of industry security blogs, websites and news letters to keep on top of any potential vulnerabilities that pertain to the systems we use or employ.

We use clam AV for the servers and TrendMicro for our desktops and Norton with regular updates as needed.

The Peer1 team provides an additional layer of scanning and support as well.

Security Breaches and Notifications Policy

Should any security related event occur, our policy is to alert our customers via email no later than 24 hours of our team becoming aware of the event. We will work closely with any customers effected to determine next steps such as end-user notifications, needed patches, and how to avoid any similar event in the future.

Performance Monitoring

We use a variety of tools to automatically monitor performance and reliability of the service, including:

All services are set to send automated alerts to our support and systems teams, which are monitored and handled 24/7. These tools also provide us with a wealth of information and data so that our team can constantly work to improve performance and efficiency in our service.

Reliability & SLA

We average higher than a 99.99% up time across all of our networks. We’re happy to show you recent 3rd party up time data upon request.

We offer a 99.9% up-time SLA to our enterprise level customers, as will be detailed in the formal agreement.

Exports and Database Dumps

Should you ever choose to leave us, or should you require local archives of user data be kept, we are happy to provide you with a complete export and database dump of your network. We will completely purge all customer data within 3 month of cancelling service.