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Case Study

University of Melbourne

CampusPress and Unimelb

The University of Melbourne, consistently ranked as the top university in Australia, provides the entire university community with a WordPress publishing platform.

The purpose of the network is to make readily available an easy-to-use, fully branded and customizable solution for those that need a web presence.


A Migration Story

Like roughly half of all of our new Higher Ed customers, Unimelb had been self-hosting and managing a WordPress Multisite network on their own for a few years. As the network began to grow, it became clear that outsourcing to a 3rd party cloud-service like CampusPress can save significant money, headaches, and man hours.

Each migration follows a predictable and organized process, which includes a test migration, extensive testing, and a final migration scheduled around the customer’s preferred timeline.

As part of the initial test migration, our developer team manually reviews each line of code in all plugins and themes to ensure the security and reliability of everything brought over before the final migration. We also make sure to thoroughly test single-sign-on, and any other unique aspects of the network (such as implementing new custom themes).

Custom Design and Development

Before migrating to CampusPress, the University of Melbourne had recently launched a new main website which included a detailed design spec and  branding guide for any sites using the unimelb.edu.au domain.

Working together with the university’s team, our developers created a fully custom WordPress theme to fit these expectations.

The key component when creating this theme was to strike an appropriate balance between:

  1. Giving end-users, who may not have any technical or web publishing experience, the ability to customize their sites and add content as needed, and
  2. Making sure that all sites created fit seamlessly into the existing look and feel of all Unimelb sites.

The result is a WordPress theme that right out of the box is nearly impossible to differentiate from the university’s main website, which isn’t WordPress at all.